Public Service Announcements


Public Service Announcement

CrosswalkCrosswalk Safety:  In an attempt to reduce the number of pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes, the Farmington Police Department applied for and obtained a grant from the Bureau of Highway Safety.  Over 5000 pamphlets were produced and distributed along with a 30 second radio public service announcement and a video public service announcement that was aired on Mt. Blue TV 11.  Pedestrians, please remember to use marked crosswalks and if the crosswalk has a signal, you must push the button and wait for the signal before crossing.  Motorists, be aware of pedestrian traffic and yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks, failure to do so could cost you $139 - 165.


As of June 1, 2000 the Town of Farmington and the U.S. Postal Service informed all Farmington property owners of their new E-911 mailing address and new street names.  The local emergency response units commend those citizens for cooperation and willingness to make the changes.

The new addressing system requires each property owner to number their buildings on the location nearest the front entry area.  This must be done with numerals that are at least three (3) inches in height with some type of illumination on them (reflective or lighted).  The color of the numerals should be in contrast to the building color (s).  If your building is more than fifty (50) feet from the major roadway or street, there should be a street number sign by the property entrance as well as numerals on the building itself.

All emergency responders (Life Star Ambulance, Farmington Fire Department, and the Farmington Police Department) congratulate those citizens who have complied with the ordinance.

If you are one of those citizens who has not yet complied with the numbering system, it is strongly recommended by the above emergency responders that you make every effort to get your numbers in place.  It can make a difference in how quickly these responding personnel respond to your emergency, minutes can save lives and property.

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