Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence does not have to be a fact of life.  You can call the police.  You may also go to Farmington District Court and apply for an Order of Protection from Abuse or Harassment.  No attorney is necessary.  There is no fee for filing the necessary paperwork for an Order of Protection from Abuse.  There is a $30.00 charge for filing the necessary paperwork for an Order of Protection from Harassment. 

It is your right to get protection.

The Farmington Police Department maintains that the nature and seriousness of crimes committed between family or household members are not mitigated solely because of the relationships or living arrangements of those involved. It is the policy of the Farmington Police Department that domestic abuse be treated with the same consideration as violence in any other enforcement context and that law enforcement officers take steps to combine the use of appropriate community services with enforcement of the law in an effort to 1) break the cycle of domestic abuse by preventing future incidents or reducing the frequency and/or seriousness of such incidents, 2) protect victims of domestic abuse and provide them with support, and 3) promote law enforcement officer safety when dealing with domestic abuse situations.  

Under Maine State Law, you are entitled to:

  • Have a police officer stay with you until they believe you are out of danger
  • Have a police officer help you get medical attention


  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To be assisted by criminal justice agenciess.
  • To be informed about the criminal justice system.
  • Whenever practicable, to be notified of plea agreements, and the right to comment on them.
  • To have input at sentencing.
  • To request restitution.
  • To request compensation from the Victim Compensation Board for un-reimbursed medical and medically related expenses for victims of violent crimes.
  • To be notified of defendant's release from institutional confinement in all felony cases upon request to the Department of Corrections.
  • To be provided with a pamphlet containing certain statutes which pertain to victim's rights.

TO ASSIST YOU: The Franklin County District Attorney's office maintains a victim assistance program.  Please contact the victim advocate at the District Attorney's office at 778-5890 for the following services:

  • Information about the court process.
  • Information about victim's rights.
  • Assistance in applying for victim compensation.
  • Notification of court hearings and sentencing.
  • Support during preparation of testimony for pre-trial hearings and trial.
  • Support within the court system on behalf of victims of crime.
  • Referral and information about State and local resources the provide additional services.
  • Assistance in return of property and restitution.
  • Filing notification of release requests with Department of Corrections.


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