Youth Sports Policy

Farmington Recreation Department
Youth Sports Policy Adopted
Beginning October 1st, 2002, the Farmington Recreation Department will no longer be involved in or associated with “Tryout” activities or Travel Team Sports for children Grade 6 and under.  
From this point forward, the Department will confine its attention to “In House” programs that are available to all area children. Activities affected would be those based on “cutting” players for a select team, requiring a demanding commitment or necessitating travel outside our school district. 
The intention is to eliminate offerings that equate playing time with performance and subject players expecting to have fun to unnecessary pressures brought on by parents or spectators.
It is apparent that this policy will not be eagerly embraced by all parents, especially those interested in greater concentration or competitiveness for their developing athletes. Those opportunities may still exist outside of the Recreation Department if anyone wants to pursue them independently. 
This position was supported unanimously by a 5 - 0 vote of the Town’s Recreation Committee during a meeting held on September 24th, 2002.
It is our opinion that this decision is in the best interests of young children and that the characteristics of interscholastic athletics will be upon them soon enough when they enter Middle School.  
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