MEMO TO:  Properties Displaying Banners
FROM:        Code Enforcement Office
DATE:        October 22, 2014
RE:            Banners
Banners are regulated by the Town, because they're a form of signage which meets the sign definition in the Town's Sign Ordinance.  This includes "feather" banners which are mounted on poles, flutter in the wind, and have business names/logos, brand names of products, or messages on them:  
"Sign" (§11-3.8):
        "Every device, frame, letter, figure, character, mark, plane, point, design, picture, stroke, stripe, trademark or reading matter, including awnings containing identification or advertisement matter, which is used or intended to be used to attract attention or convey information when the same is placed so as to be visible from within any street or public way, including the sign face and supporting structure."
Banners (including feather banners) are not allowed as permanent signage under the following provision in the Town's Sign Ordinance because they are banners, and feather banners are additionally not allowed as permanent signage because they fluctuate and move:
"Prohibited Signs" (§11-3.11.A.3):
"No sign shall be neon, flash, blink, fluctuate, move or be otherwise animated or consist of banners, pennants, ribbons, streamers, or similar devices."
Nevertheless, banners (including feather banners) can be allowed on a temporary (30 day) basis without fee under the following provision in the Town's Sign Ordinance:
"Temporary Signs" (§11-3.12):
"Temporary Advertising Banners.  The Code Enforcement Officer may approve a banner upon application of a business, for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, when said banner is for a new product, service, or part of a franchise promotion.  There shall be no permit fee." 
Since banners (including feather banners) can only be allowed on a 30 day basis as Temporary Advertising Banners, all properties and businesses  planning such signs must file a no fee permit application for same with the Code Office. 
The Code Office can be reached at 778-5874 or .

Town of Farmington Political Sign Information:

Click here for sign regulations.

Sign Ordinance (PDF)

Sign Application (PDF)

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