Voter Hill Road


In 2013 the Voter Hill Road was completely reconstructed including ditching, new culverts, base paving, and much needed guardrail installation. An average of 12 inches of gravel was added and in places the road was elevated by 48 inches. The Voter Hill reconstruction was completed by the Public Works Crew on schedule and slightly under budget. The balance left from predicted costs can be added to next year’s overlay paving and other reconstruction projects. This project was completed as a direct result of residents voting for additional funding at Town Meeting.


Voter Hill Road Opening Ceremony - Courtesy of the Daily Bulldog
 L to R: Public Works Director, Denis Castonguay; Board of Selectmen Andrew Hufnagel, Jessica Berry, Ryan Morgan, and Joshua Bell; Town Manager, Richard Davis; and Board of Selectmen Dennis Pike. Photo courtesy of Daily Bulldog





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